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Coaching Online Facilitators


Teaching online is hard! You can’t see your students; you don’t know when they’re engaged and when they’re tuning out; the students have trouble interacting with each other; and the technology so often gets in the way that the experience can be frustrating rather than engaging.

How can we help teachers learn to teach online in ways that are engaging, interactive, and fun? How can we coach our presenters so they’ll feel comfortable moving away from the “talking head with a PowerPoint” model of teaching, towards pedagogies that will provoke thought, encourage questioning, and hone judgement?

Rev. Stephen Fetter has been offering online continuing education online for church leaders since 2011. Join as he shares some of the things he’s been learning about:

  • How to make webinars engaging
  • How to frame discussion questions that provoke active learning
  • How to use polls as discussion starters, rather than simply as reporting mechanisms
  • How to brainstorm and prioritize, so that people feel like they’re learning something instead of just reporting
  • Tech tips: know your tools; plan a rehearsal; set up appropriate lighting and backgrounds
  • How to keep the technology demands low, so that people with low bandwidth or limited computer-intuition can engage the material, rather than struggle with the tech

Stephen Fetter manages the United-in-Learning program of the United Church of Canada's General Council, which delivers about 60 webinars a year for the continuing education of clergy and lay church leaders. He's also a member of the ALLLM Leadership Team

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ALLLM Survey 2020


The Association of Lifelong Learning in Ministry (ALLLM), the professional guild supporting directors in lifelong learning, is launching a research project.  The goal?  To map the landscape of continuing education in North America for the first time in nearly 40 years – and we need your help!

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Who is ALLLM?


We are a network of theological educators, program directors, consultants, program designers and brokers, and advocates of continuing education for ministry, who gather annually to explore the needs of the ecumenical church and trends in continuing education. We specialize in providing non-degree educational opportunities for church leaders (clergy and lay). Our annual conferences and periodic newletters provide an opportunity for us to network, learn from and support each other's ministry, and sharpen our sense of what the church needs from its leaders so that we can help strengthen those skills in our own varied contexts.

ALLLM is a Related Learning Organization with the Religious Education Association (REA), and we now meet annually in conjunction with them.

During 2020, we're engaged in a research project to canvas the state of Continuting Education for church leaders, and identify needs, hopes and dreams. Continuing education is becoming a more important factor in the standards of the Association of Theological Schools, and this will have a significant impact on the type and quality of programming that many institutions will be expected to offer. Contact us for more information!