Association of Leaders in Lifelong Learning for Ministry

Living into the New ATS Standard on Life Long Learning

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On June 24, 2020 The Association of Theological Schools approved  new standards for assessing and accrediting member schools effective July 1, 2020. These standards  will have a substantial impact on the development and delivery of continuing education programming in those schools and beyond. Schools will now be required by the ATS accreditation committees to demonstrate “an understanding of learning and formation as lifetime pursuits by helping students develop motivations, skills, and practices for lifelong learning.”

This will put a renewed emphasis on the importance of continuing education within all of our institutions, and could lead to more and better lifelong learning programming within these schools, and an increased appetite for this kind of programming from judicatories and education centers as well.

 Join us for online conversation with Frank Yamada, Executive Director of the ATS, as he describes

  • why this new standard was created
  • the impact that he anticipates this will have on the future of theological education.
  • The changing role and responsibilities of continuing education directors
  • why this will have an impact even on continuing education directors who are not affiliated with ATS member schools

 Then stay on the line as we begin to consider how ALLLM and its members can play a role in communicating this standard to our institutions, and how we can develop programming that will help our Schools and judicatories live into it.

Frank M. Yamada has served as executive director of The Association of Theological Schools in July 2017. He oversees the work of both the Association and the Commission on Accrediting. Prior to the webinar, consider reading his article Living and Teaching When Change is the New Normal: Trends in Theological Education and the Impact on Teaching and Learning





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Who is ALLLM?


We are a network of theological educators, program directors, consultants, program designers and brokers, and advocates of continuing education for ministry, who gather annually to explore the needs of the ecumenical church and trends in continuing education. We specialize in providing non-degree educational opportunities for church leaders (clergy and lay). Our annual conferences and periodic newletters provide an opportunity for us to network, learn from and support each other's ministry, and sharpen our sense of what the church needs from its leaders so that we can help strengthen those skills in our own varied contexts.

ALLLM is a Related Learning Organization with the Religious Education Association (REA), and we now meet annually in conjunction with them.

During 2020, we're engaged in a research project to canvas the state of Continuting Education for church leaders, and identify needs, hopes and dreams. Continuing education is becoming a more important factor in the standards of the Association of Theological Schools, and this will have a significant impact on the type and quality of programming that many institutions will be expected to offer. Contact us for more information!