REA Annual Conference: Beyond White Normativity
Nov. 1-4, 2018

ALLLM is pleased to partner with REA as a related learning organization, offering three workshops, a reception, the ALLLM Annual meeting and a time to gather as a working group to reflect on our common work.

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 15 September

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ALLLM Affiliates with the REA


At our Annual General Meeting in December 2017, the members of ALLLM chose to become a Related Learning Organization" with the Religious Education Association, and to hold our annual meetings in conjunction with theirs.

The Religious Education Association is the world’s oldest and largest association of scholars and researchers in the field of religious education.It is a nonprofit member association, serving as a professional and learned society for scholars, researchers and practioners involved in the field of religious education. It has several hundred members, most of whom are from North America, with a scattering of members worldwide.. REA members come from multiple faith traditions, and no tradition, and study a very diverse array of religious traditions.

Both ALLLM and the REA will meet on the first weekend of November each year. The joint conference will be primarily organized by the REA planning team. The ALLLM leadership team will augment the program in the following ways:

  • ALLLM members will be invited to meet together at the Conference, and work together between conferences, as an REA "Work Group" to sponsor programming specifically related to the practice of continuing education and life-long learning.
  • ALLLM will work to ensure that some of the workshops provided at the joint Conference will have a practical and/or life-long learning focus
  • ALLLM will host opportunities for networking and professional development specifically focused at those who develop and deliver life-long learning opportunities for clergy and church leaders. These will include things like hosting our own Annual General Meeting, sponsoring a theme speaker for ALLLM events at the Conference, and informal gatherings at meal times during the annual Conference.
  • The ALLLM leadership team is commited to resuming our occasional webinar series, and publicity for those programs will go to all members of the REA as well.

While the two organizations will remain distinct, ALLLM members are entitled to join the REA at the lowest tier level, and we see the following benifits of holding a membership in both organizations:

  • joint members will receive print and electronic version of The REA Journal, and access to all Journal archives
  • Access to the REA membership directory and past proceedings
  • discounted registration options for the annual Conference
  • Information about events, conferences, and the annual Call for Papers

We're excited by this change, and by the opportunity it offers our members to connect with colleagues in many different aspects of religious education. We trust that we have important experience to offer to the discussions at the REA, and valuable things to learn. Come join us as we explore ways to strengthen the development and delivery of life-long learning programs for clergy and lay leaders, and dialogue with colleagues who share our passion for religious education.