Become a member of ALLLM

The Association of Leaders in Lifelong Learning for Ministry (formerly SACEM)

Membership provides:

  • resources, program opportunities and services for growth in ministry;
  • a framework for sharing insights and experiences through a broad range of contacts with other professionals;
  • identification of issues facing the profession, with strategies, programs, and methods to address them;
  • research opportunities and support for research projects;
  • a channel for advocacy; and
  • an organization that is searching for and implementing new ways to serve the field of lifelong learning for ministry.

ALLLM members include theological educators, program directors, consultants, program designers and brokers, and advocates of continuing education for ministry, as well as organizations providing consultant services, career counseling, professional development experiences, didactic and experiential learning opportunities, and printed and multi-media resources. This rich diversity of membership is a valuable resource for ALLLM and its members.

The membership year is January 1 through December 31. Membership renewed after October 1 include the following calendar year. 

There are two categories of membership:

  • for Dual ALLLM/REA Members
    • $30/year for retirees and students
    • $60/year for individual practitioners
  • For ALLLM Only members
    • $45/year for retirees and students
    • $75/year for individual practitioners

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Join the REA too, and save


ALLLM has become a "Related Learning Organization" with the Religious Education Association, so ALLLM members are entitled to join the REA at the lowest membership fee levels. for 2019 these are:

  • $40 for retirees and students
  • $80 for individual ALLLM members

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