AGM 2017 Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting December 11, 2017


Total attendance: 8 members (Helen Blier, Steve Fetter, Sarah Erickson, Israel Galindo, Marilyn Johns, HiRho Park, Melissa Wiginton; 1 guest (Mike Crudge, Carey Center for Lifelong Learning, New Zealand)

Welcome and Opening Prayer

 Sarah Erickson, ALLLM President, invited all attendees to introduce themselves and then offered an opening prayer.

Financial and Membership Report

Financial Report through Nov. 30, 2017 - Treasurer Jim Haun was unable to attend. Steve Fetter gave the financial report which Jim prepared, which is summarized here:



Total Income:   $1775.43

Total Income :   $180

Total Expenses:   $603.59

Total Expenses:   $189.23

Operating Surplus/Deficit:    $1171.75

Operating Surplus/Deficit:   $-8.71

Cash Assets:    $6550.43

Cash Assets:    $6541.72


In summary, our 2016 expenses were related to stipends paid to leaders of the webinar service and website and financial fees. Our income was from dues and webinar registrations. Our 2017 expenses were related to website and financial fees, and income from 3 new individual memberships.

Membership review - Sarah Erickson gave the membership report, summarized here:

Membership stands at 34 individuals (10 institutional  with 25 discrete names/emails), 7 individual and 2 retired members.

We maintain a contact list of 42 former members and 9 potential members/friends; all were invited to the meeting and will receive membership invitations for 2018.

Because no programming, goods or services were offered by ALLLM in the latter part of 2016 and into 2017, the Leadership Team did not solicit membership renewals in 2017. We did add 3 individual members.

                By common consent these reports were accepted as presented.

Report of Leadership Team and Association Activities

                Steve Fetter and Sarah Erickson reported on the Association’s activities since the last annual meeting, which included concluding a webinar series launched after the cancelation of the last planned conference and discernment about the future of the organization.

                Fetter remarked that the majority of attendees of the webinar series, which he hosted using his United Church of Canada technologies, was attended primarily by UCC clergy and not ALLLM members. He also recapped the discernment process the Leadership team as we considered how to revitalize alone, align with another organization or fold. During one of our webinars, we entertained suggestions about possible affiliations from participants. A suggestion by member Helen Blier of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary to consider alignment with the Religious Education Association (REA) led to Steve Fetter reaching out to Mary Hess, Network Outreach Coordinator for REA while she was in Toronto as a visiting scholar. Hess has keynoted a previous SACEM/ALLLM conference. Conversations with Hess and Lucinda Huffaker, REA Executive Director, exploring the mutual benefits of and interests in such an association ensured, Three members of the leader team attended the REA Conference in November 2018, and after subsequent conversation with REA leadership  nd the ALLLM team, elected to make the first major recommendation of this agenda, to become a related learning organization with the Religious Education Association. The full text of the recommendation and rationale are appended to the minutes., as is a statement of support by Mary Hess and Lucinda Huffaker, representing REA. By common consent the recommendation was approved.

                HiRho Park, at-large member of the Leadership Team, voiced her support for this change, although the first year or two may present some challenges to UMC participation at ALLLM/REA due to scheduling of some UMC conferences. She will provide scholarship/financial support for UMC clergy and lifelong learning provider-leaders to attend where ever possible, however.

                The second recommendation was a change in the bylaws regarding categories of membership and leadership team terms of service.  The full text of the bylaws changes, with changes in RED, are appended to the minutes.  By common consent the membership approved eliminating the institutional membership category, leaving us with individual, full-time student and retiree memberships.  These align with REA categories as well. They also approved the changes in leadership terms from two years to three.

Election of Leadership Team and position designations

                Following the bylaws change, the slate of officers was approved as presented. The leadership team is current comprised of the following members.  The team will name a Vice President and another at-large member in early 2018.

                Sarah Erickson, President (second term, third year)

Vice-President – VACANT

Marilyn Johns, Secretary (first term, second year)

James Haun, Treasurer (second term, second year)

HiRho Park, At Large (first term, third year)

Stephen Fetter, At Large/web editor (second term third year)

The leader team plans to gather in late spring/early summer 2018 to continue to plan and prepare for the annual meeting and future organizational development, including identifying new leaders for 2019.

Conversations and feedback: Going forward

                The members present voiced their support for the continuing presence of ALLLM and made the suggestions during a period of open discussion:

                The desire for data and other information about the state of the discipline: best practices, who was offering what, at what fees, online and residential, how marketing was taking place, the role of judicatories, seminaries and divinity schools and other organizations providing learning opportunities for church leaders. They were in support of virtual topically-focused conversations that could gather ALLLM and REA members together, as well as helping identify people to submit papers or workshop proposals to REA.

                Helen Blier will follow up with ATS regarding what data they collect from their members regarding continuing education.  HiRho Park will share data collected as part of her research into UMC continuing education. The Leadership Team will determine how to collect information among ALLLM members going forward. We may invite members to share a most recent annual report, for example, and design a survey to collect data in a consistent format in addition to the annual reports.  In any event, we have some energy behind this task, and it may shape the focus for annual meeting in November.

Next Steps

Leader team will send member renewals and invitations prior to Dec. 30, 2017 for 2018

REA and ALLLM will update websites to reflect changes (officers, bylaw, dues)

We will seek a Vice-President and another at-large member in 2018, with Steve Fetter moving to web editor position so to facilitate website updates and communication with REA’s website and technical issues.

We will recommence regular communication with members via e-newsletter ,website and social media updates.

Adjournment and Closing Prayer

                The meeting was adjourned before 3:30.