AGM Minutes 2018

The ALLLM Annual Meeting November 3 & 4, 2018


Present: Elizabeth Nolan, Larry Ousley, Jim Haun, Von Clemans, Helen Blier, Sarah Erickson, Stephen Fetter, Joshua Lunde-Whitler,  Julia Yingnan Ji, Von Clemans

The meeting adopted the following motions by consensus:

  • — Leader team slate and related bylaws change
    • —  Recommendation: Revision of bylaws to facilitate transition and continuing organizational function.
    • —  Motion to adopt recommendation: CARRIED BY CONCENSUS
  • —  Dues
    • —  For dual ALLLM/REA members: continue the $60/$30 rates
    • —  For ALLLM only members, adjust to $75/$40
    • —  Motion to adopt recommendation: CARRIED BY CONCENSUS
  • —  Motion: to approve the Leadership Team, with the positions as designated by the current leadership team:
    • —  Sarah Erickson, President (third term, first year)
    • —  Vice-President – VACANT;
    • —  Erica Knisely, Secretary (first term, first year)
    • —  Marilyn Johns - Treasurer
    • —  HiRho Park, At Large (second term, first year)
    • —  Stephen Fetter, At Large/web editor (third term, first year)

This was followed by some general discussion about the purpose and future of ALLLM – what do we want it to be, and what do we want it to do in the next year. Here’s a summary of the issues we discussed:

  • It’s really valuable to have a space for people who lead programs for lifelong learning in ministry to talk to and learn from each other.
  • The task of creating lifelong learning for ministry programs is complicated, and it’s valuable to have an organization like this that can advocate for the importance of this:
    • Our audience is vast – we’re doing theological education outside credentialing programs, and often for people who are outside traditional leadership roles
    • We are training “discipleship” helping people to learning and continue to explore what it means to be faithful disciples and to utilize their gifts (including leadership), and helping them to develop those gifts for the healing of the world.
    • The task is further complicated because as practitioners few of us have travel or research budgets, which impinges on both our resources and time to network with each other
    • As theological institutions react to the changing church, we expect the need for this kind of programming to increase, and we anticipate that there are young scholars who are already considering how their skills might be used for this – knowing that there will not likely be a place for them in a traditionally academic setting.
    • Helen Blier has been doing some research into the purpose and impact of continuing education, and has an article being published on this in the New Year. This might be a helpful discussion piece not only for ALLLM members internally but also for us to use as an opportunity for outreach and advocacy
    • We wondered whether some of the scholars among us could help us all begin to get a sense of the field of life-long learning currently. Anecdotally it feels significantly like there’s much more of this work happening outside theological institutions and denominational judicatories than there was a generation ago, but we don’t have hard data to support this. We wondered whether someone might approach Lilly for a grant to study this, and how we might use the results that emerged from this kind of study. This might lead to a Panel Discussion at next year’s annual meeting
    • By deciding to meet in conjunction with the REA annually, we acknowledged have carved out some space for practitioners like us to have conversation with each other. The next step is for us to do some significant soul searching and reflecting on how best to use this time, and to use other tools (like electronic meetings in between the face-to-face ones). Helen Blier was invited to consider leading us through a visioning process in the early part of the New Year 2019, so that by April we might be in a better position to start planning for workshops and programs at the November 2019 meeting in Toronto. Helen is considering whether to accept this invitation. Joshua Lunde-Whitler may join in this venture, as may Julia Ji.
    • It was noted that not all ALLLM members have the resources or the time to travel to face to face meetings, and it was suggested that at the Toronto meeting we consider incorporating some digital tools so that those who couldn’t attend the conference in person could at least participate in these sorts of discussions.
    • We will reconvene via conference call or Zoom after the first of the year to continue discussion of next steps.