ALLLM AGM 2019 Minutes


ALLLM Annual Meeting 2019 Minutes

@REA Conference, Toronto, ON, November 2, 2019

Called to order 3:26pm

Present: Sarah Erickson, Stephen Fetter, Helen Blier, Joshua Lunde-Whitler, Erica Knisely, Omar Altalib, Julie Yingnan Ji, Mark Hicks, Ross Bartlett, Barbara Moore, Von Clemans, Elizabeth Nolan, Scott Geminn.

Absent: Jim Haun

Sarah: Opening prayer

Financial report-Sarah:

The account balance was $7,653.28 as of 1/1/18. From 1/1/18-9/30/18, we had income of $211.25 and expenses of $1,496, with an operating deficit of $1,284.75. The account balance as of 9/30/19 is $6,368.53. The previous year, ALLLM had a surplus of $1,111.51. Helen: motion to approve; approve by common consent.

Membership report-Stephen:

22 members last year. 12 in 2019 with renewals underway. 105 subscribers to the newsletter. 195 social media followers. Erica: motion to accept membership report. Stephen: 2nd; approve by consensus.

Leadership team report-Sarah:

  • Became a related learning organization with REA in 2018 and presented a pre-conference gathering, three workshops and conducted the ALLLM annual meeting.

—  Dues categories modified to eliminate institutional members. Individual and retired categories only. Dues adjust upward for non-REA/ALLLM dual membership holders.

—  For dual ALLLM/REA members: continue the $60/$30 rates

—  For ALLLM only members, adjust to $75/$40

—  To facilitate our continued transition, approved sustaining the change in the bylaws to allow extended terms by current leader team members. Six leadership team members elected for three-year terms and allowed to repeat an additional consecutive term. Approved in 2018: As needed, allow leaders to extend terms in existing positions, up to three additional years.

Discussion: Josh asked how has change in membership categories effected the bottom line (i.e. dropping institutional members and focusing on individual members)? Reduced income but offset by reduced expenses at annual conf. by partnering with REA. Helen asked Why do we have such a top-heavy leadership team with an organization of 12 members? IRS requires this as the minimum number of officers to maintain 501©3.

Proposed leadership team slate for 2020:

  • —  Sarah Erickson, President (third term, second year)
  • —  Vice-President – VACANT;
  • —  Secretary – Joshua Lunde-Whitler (first term, first year)
  • —  Erica Knisely, Treasurer (first term, second year; current Secretary)
  • —  At Large (first term, first year) - VACANT
  • —  Stephen Fetter, At Large/web editor (third term, second year)

 Stephen moved to approve slate as presented, Helen 2nd. Common consent slate is approved as proposed.

Proposed Plans 2020-Sarah:

  • Have 2 members on the REA advisory committee.
  • Pursue inclusion on the REA planning team.
  • Conduct research on the landscape of lifelong learning in North America with Helen Blier.
  • 2020 conference: pre-conference workshop, three workshops, annual meeting is current plan but this is negotiable.
    • Discussion: Helen: 3 workshops is excessive—those gathered agreed. Recommend perhaps only one workshop. This may be related to the research questions. Some organized gathering/lunch to share first insights from research.

Next Steps-Sarah:

—  Leader team will send member renewals and invitations prior to Dec. 30, 2019 for 2020.

—  Stephen will update website as needed to reflect new leadership team and dues

—  Do we want to try to bring on someone to fill VP? Not required, but good in case of succession. We will look for viable candidates in the coming months.

—  Regular communication with members and REA via e-newsletter

—  We will need to think about how/if we meet in 2021 when REA only meets at AAR and then starts meeting in the summer 2022.

No other business.

Adjourn 3:45pm